Shannon Station Home Values

Curious about Shannon Station Home Values? Click here or on the picture below to get your FREE online evaluation of your Shannon Station, Springfield townhouse. This report will include vital information that every seller must know, including comparisons to to other homes that have recently sold and actives on the market. You’ll become a Shannon Station Real Estate expert! You’ll learn important stats such as average days on market, average sold price, and average seller subsidy (the amount of money sellers credited to a buyer for closing cost help).

The best Real Estate agents in Shannon Station last year sold their homes for 98% of their list price and their average days on market was 33 days.

Aaron J. Browning and the Browning Homes Group sold their homes for an average of 102% of their list price last year and we did it in an average of 8 days!!!

Our homes sold for an average of 4% more and we did it 4 times faster!

Call us today at 571-234-1456 to learn more about getting top dollar for your Shannon Station Townhouse.


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